North Fork .270 SS kulor.

.277 Dia.

     130 gr.

Sec. Density  .242

FIV Functional impact speed  1600-3300Fps 487-1006M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1700-3200Fps 518-975m/s

Length 1.183”

The 277-130 was designed for what is considered the classic uses of the caliber, deer, sheep, mountain goat, caribou, etc.  It is designed for all the current cartridges using this diameter.

.277 Dia.

150 gr.

Sec. Density  .280

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3200Fps 518-975m/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3100Fps 548-945m/s

Length 1.335”

The frontal construction of the 130 and 150 grain 277 bullets are the same and therefore, the 277-150 is suitable for all the same quarry as the 277-130.  The extra sectional density of the 277-150 would make it preferable to the 130, if elk or large black bear are on the venue.