North Fork .308 SS kulor

.308 Dia.

150 gr.

Sec. Density  .226

FIV Functional impact speed  1600-3500Fps 487-1067M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1700-3400Fps 518-1036m/s

Length 1.120”

The 308-150 is another in the line that was originally intended for high-powered pistols (see 284-130).  From the pictures you will see that it has a wide range of useable velocities and would be useful for an equally wide range of rifles and pistols, when used on the species that are appropriate for a bullet of this sectional density.  I believe that the best use of this bullet would be for animals in the deer, antelope, sheep, and caribou weight class.   I know that the high velocity capabilities make it very tempting but you elk hunters would be better served with a bullet of higher sectional density.

.308 Dia.

165 gr.

Sec. Density  .250

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3400Fps 518-1036M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3300Fps 548-1006m/s

Length 1.216”

This is an excellent all around weight that will handle game from deer to elk.  The 308-165 would give good service to the non-magnum, as well as the magnum shooter.  The 308-165 and the 308-180 are constructed the same and have similar performance ranges with only the advantage of higher sectional density going to the 180.

.308 Dia.

180 gr.

Sec. Density  .273

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3300Fps 518-1006M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3200Fps 548-975m/s

Length 1.305”

The most popular and most versatile weight in 308 caliber.  It will work on deer at long range and hold together on elk at close range.  There isn’t much more that needs to be said than that.  Sorry there are no game recovery pictures.  Either all the bullets passed through or folks don’t want to send them back for photos. 

.308 Dia.

200 gr.

Sec. Density  301.

FIV Functional impact speed  1800-3100Fps 548-945M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1900-3000Fps 579-914m/s

Length 1.403”

The 308-200 is one of the series we call HG (heavy game).  It is a much heavier construction that the other weights in 308.  It was designed for impact with heavy bodied animals.  I would class this as an elk up bullet.  Proper quarry would be elk, moose, big bear, African plains game, etc. Although, due to its heavy construction, I usually advise against using this bullet for super long-range shots, I may be being a little conservative.  The last photo is of two bullets recovered from an elk that was shot at a lasered 420yds with a 300RUM at 3000fps muzzle velocity.  The picture speaks for itself.