North Fork 338 SS kulor.

.338 Dia.

200 gr.

Sec. Density  .250

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3200Fps 518-975M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3100Fps 548-945m/s

Length 1.172”

When designing this bullet, I envisioned a good tough bullet for the 338-06 that would still allow good velocities for a better trajectory.  It would be good for the hunter with the 338-06 or the 338 Win. Mag that made the occasional trip out west for elk but whose normal quarry was in a class with deer, hogs, caribou, etc.  Most people choose the heavier weights in the 338 so few reports have come back on the 338-200.  All of them have reported complete pass-through on elk, so maybe; again, I might be being a little conservative.  Not discounting the reports, if asked my opinion, I would still recommend the 338-225 for the hunter whose primary quarry was elk sized animals.

No Pictures are available at this time but performance is similar to the 338-225.

.338 Dia.

225 gr.

Sec. Density  .281

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3100Fps 518-975M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3000Fps 548-945m/s

Length 1.310”

This may be the best all round weight for the 338 caliber.  It is designed to open well at long range on deer sized game and still hold up to high speed impacts at close range, on larger game.  It will be the bullet that I will most often recommend when elk is the primary quarry.  The weight allows velocities that will provide flatter trajectory but still has the sectional density to penetrate well.  There have been no reports of, or returned bullets that were recovered from elk.  In the last photo, the bullet on the left is of a 338-225 that was recovered from an Alaskan moose that was shot at 250yds with a 338 Win. Mag.  It shattered the onside shoulder blade and was found under the hide of the off shoulder.  A second finishing shot at 15 yds impacted the spine and exited.  The last photo is of two bullets from African game shot with a 330 Dakota.  The one in the center was recovered from a Kudu that was shot from 230 yds.  The bullet impacted the rear hip and was found in the off shoulder.  The bullet on the right was from a Sable shot at 150 yds.  The first (chest) shot went clear through.  The second shot was a finisher while the animal was down.  From the appearance of the report form, the second bullet impacted in the area of the spine or upper shoulder, penetrated down through the shoulder, and was found under the skin of the elbow.  Range of the second shot is unknown but from the appearance of the bullet, it did some high speed bone grinding. 

.338 Dia.

240 gr.

Sec. Density  .300

FIV Functional impact speed  1800-3200Fps 548-975M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1900-3100Fps 579-945m/s

Length 1.395”

The most popular and most versatile weight in 308 caliber.  It will work on deer at long range and hold together on elk at close range.  There isn’t much more that needs to be said than that.  Sorry there are no game recovery pictures.  Either all the bullets passed through or folks don’t want to send them back for photos.