North Fork .366/9,3mm SS kulor

.366 Dia.

250 gr.

Sec. Density  .267

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3000Fps 518-914M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-2900Fps 548-884m/s

Length 1.290”

The idea behind this weight was an all around bullet for the 9.3x62, as it would be used in North America. The weight provides a respectable velocity for a descent trajectory and still has sufficient sectional density for 95% of all North American hunting.  The bullet would provide excellent service for deer, elk, pigs, and black bear, like I said, 95% of all world hunting.  No photo series of this bullet has been taken yet.  Stop by again to see the photos. 

.366 Dia.

286 gr.

Sec. Density  .305

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-2800Fps 518-853M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-2700Fps 548-823m/s

Length 1.186”