North Fork 375 SS

.375 Dia.

250 gr.

Sec. Density  .254

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3100Fps 518-945M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-3000Fps 548-914m/s

Length 1.183”

The construction of both the 250 and 270 grain 375s are similar.  The primary benefit of the 250 is to be able to be driven faster for a flatter trajectory.  It will work on deer, but that’s a little overkill.  It would be great on hogs and the primary use would be for elk.  If moose were on the agenda, I would move up to the 270 or 300 grain.  The same goes for big bear.  This is not an African bullet. 

.375 Dia.

270 gr.

Sec. Density  .275

FIV Functional impact speed  1700-3000Fps 518-914M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1800-2900Fps 548-884m/s

Length 1.260”

The primary use for the 375-270 is for elk, moose, bear, and African plains game.  If you’re going after the big coastal brown bears or eland and Cape buffalo are on the menu in Africa, I would definitely go with the 300 grain. 

.375 Dia.

300 gr.

Sec. Density  .305

FIV Functional impact speed  1800-3000Fps 548-914M/s

PIV Preferred impact speed  1900-2900Fps 579-884m/s

Length 1.402”

If the job positively needs to get done, this is the one to do it.  Thicker construction of the nose provides a slight delay of the expansion to allow penetration of heavy bone and hide.  It is the best choice for the large bears or the heavy game of Africa.  Even though it is built for the heavier animals, it will still open on the lighter species in Africa.  It may not be the perfect bullet for impala sized game, but it will work and simplifies the hunt, one bullet for everything.  The bottom photo is of a 375-285, which has been discontinued in favor of the 300 grain.  The bullet was loaded rather anemically, at around 2300fps in deference to the unknown strength and quality of the borrowed 375 H&H rifle.  The bullet was recovered from an Asiatic water buffalo.  The bullet shattered the near side shoulder (it was videotaped and he couldn’t put any weight on it) and was found under the hide of the off side shoulder.